Busy Bees Pre-School

The charity-run, popular Busy Bees Pre-School uses St Anne’s Centre.

Busy Bees Pre-School takes children from 2 to 5 years old. They take children who are fee paying, children who have 2 year old funding, and children with 3 or 4 year old funding.

“We aim to provide quality childcare by providing a safe and secure area for children to play and interact with each other.”

Busy Bees Pre-School values care and education as equally important in the experience they offer each child. They encourage children to develop through stimulating creative play, making their own free choices when accessing a wide range of resources.

busy bees pre-school

The pre-school is located at the back of our centre. They use a separate entrance to the main one, with their own room and outside space. Ideally situated, a lot of attending families are able to walk to the pre-school, with others making use of our off-road parking.

For more information about Busy Bees, please contact supervisor Bev Audoire on 077 4754 7642.