Volunteering and Fundraising in Hythe

The centre is always looking for local people willing to help out.

volunteering and fundraising in hythe
Burnett Room to be repainted on our Autumn 2016 Work Day.

Volunteering and fundraising in Hythe can be a great way to get involved in the community.

The centre holds Work Days a couple of times throughout the year. On these days, volunteers are needed to help out with DIY tasks like painting and gardening. The centre’s upkeep relies on the generosity of locals willing to give up a couple hours of their time.

If you are a local business that would like to give something back to the community, we hugely appreciate corporate volunteering on our Work Days. It’s widely documented that getting your staff out of the office can boost morale and encourage teamwork.

volunteering and fundraising in hythe
A helping hand


You can also volunteer at the centre by joining our committee. St Anne’s is run by the Butts Ash Community Association, a charity board who meet every couple of months. Without their great work, the centre simply wouldn’t operate. Whatever your skill-set, there’s a role waiting for you on our committee. We’re grateful for any time you can give us.

Finally, as we are a charity, you can fundraise for us. Any money raised will be pooled back into the centre, as with our hire income, to provide for the community’s local groups and clubs. Furthermore, the Butts Ash Community Association is heavily dependent on external grants, so if you know of any grant money we might be entitled to, please inform us with the means below.

To enquire about volunteering and fundraising in Hythe, call 023 8084 9219 or email baca.stannes@gmail.com

“Volunteering helps you live longer!”